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I transformed my life from being overwhelmed and deeply unwell from a series of traumatic experiences into movement, freedom & expansion. I'm here to invite you to explore the other side of trauma.Just like a shadow which only exists because of the absence of light,there is another dimension to trauma and I'm here to guide you into this luminous spaciousness.

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There is a great beauty, exquisite freedom, release & grace that comes with this vulnerable work. It requires radical honesty, discipline, and support to navigate this path to liberation.

Are you ready to explore what that might look like for you?


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What people say about me


I have partaken in several of Naomi's classes. Every one of them has been an education. Her interpersonal skills are second to none. Each session is formal enough to hit the spot but informal enough to put even the least experienced person at ease. AND you never need to take your own mat!!!!!

John Davids
John DavidsAuthor

Naomi's breathing/dance meditation is mind-blowing! I don't meditate and was totally sceptical going into this but thought "What the hey, can't hurt".

Here's how it went for me:

So we get started... close your eyes, follow the music, breathe, move, breathe faster, move, breathe... ... ... see images in your mind! (What the hey! This wasn't in the bullets)... Damn, I want more of that stuff coming out of my brain/mind/soul... Where ever it's coming from, I want more of that.

Round two. I know the drill. Let's go deeper.

Breathe, move, breathe, move/bounce, breathe... Ooooh yeah, starting to see stuff again now, give me more... move, breathe... Damn this feels good.

In short: Work with Naomi. She's awesome!

String NikolicOnline Marketing Consultant

I attended Naomi's Tantra workshop and a Tantra yoga session. It was my first real try to get to know more about Tantra. What struck me most, was the incredible energy that is around Naomi as a woman. The first 'hi', the way she just is, and the way she interacts with a group as well as individuals is just really natural. She is honest to everyone about who she is, she is very open to learning and her introduction to Tantra was very authentic, light, funny and happy. So after this introduction, I am very interested in knowing more about this way of life. And I'm also planning in setting up something together with her because this amount of energy and enthusiasm is not so easy to be found.Thank you!


Michiel Van Buuren
Michiel Van BuurenLife Coach & Retreat Organiser

Having participated in an ecstatic dance event organised by Naomi, I was eager for more similar experiences. Last week I attended her Red Tent gathering and I am still feeling energised and inspired - delighted that it will be a regular monthly event. Naomi has an indescribable presence. I feel deeply appreciative of her for sharing her skilful way of connecting us to each other and ourselves.

Helen PatersonTeacher

Naomi is this kind of a teacher who is deep and wise. I've attended her yoga sessions, women's circles, and guided meditations. She doesn't push, she is open and very patient. Her presence, her story and the love she has for spirituality and humanity is incredible. She's become a good friend and a trusted advisor. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to take their spiritual and tantric journey further!

Anna Rova
Anna RovaFemininity & Feminine Embodiment Coach

Naomi is a born spiritual healer. She has the special gift to see your soul and facilitate people in order to meet with their real self. A magical one, an old soul. Her technique is cutting edge, instant and powerful. She offered to me her support while I was going through a deep despair. I felt empty, directionless and recently I lived a traumatic situation that blocked my emotions and provoked my anxiety. Naomi felt my pain, touched it and understood it. I started with her a healing process in which Naomi guided me on different Kundalini and Osho meditations in order for me to be able to connect to myself on an intuitive and spiritual level. She was able to “see” much more than what I was actually feeling, she could foresee what I needed to resolve and due to this, her sessions went much much deeper, weeding out unwanted beliefs and planting new, positive ones. I am very lucky and grateful to have met her. I believe she is a significant person in my journey of finding healing.

Thanks, Naomi. I wish that your gift could reach out to many more.

Adrianna Merella
Adrianna MerellaMeditation Student

Such a powerful energy!! Naomi is an incredible Teacher and Soul!!
I had not practiced Tantra yoga before and I shared with Naomi that I was a bit nervous about trying.
She has been great, giving me the time and the support I needed to make me feel safe.
What I love the more, is how passionate she is! She loves what she does, she loves to share and you feel it miles away!

Elodie Teles
Elodie TelesVeganly VA

I went to Naomi's talk about Tantra, it was an amazing new experience for me. The talk was informative and interesting and the activity was well explained. She made the space feel very welcoming and comfortable for everyone. Since, I've attended one of her Tantra yoga sessions which was really different to the yoga I'm used to practising and helped me awaken lots of new energy and different areas of the body. Naomi is a great teacher and at holding space for events .

Seren Berry
Seren BerryYoga Teacher

Naomi is absolutely capable of opening and holding a safe space for the people she works with. I attended some of her events and liked it a lot every time,I learned a so much and I would looove to go again when I come back to Gran Canaria! Naomi is a warm person with a beautiful heart and she gives looots of love.I can totally recommend her!

Dinah Schönhusen
Dinah SchönhusenDinah Schönhusen Coaching