Moving Beyond Shame

A sacred ritual for women

In this workshop,you will learn about the sacred Tantric Yoni Puja ritual & its tremendous effects. You will perform a divine ritual of worship for your own yoni (vulva) & learn sensitising techniques that awaken your pleasure potential.You can read more here.

2 hours

14 March Playa del Carmen,Mexico

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*This workshop can be a private one-on-one ritual that's performed online. Please contact me privately for more details.

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    Led by

    Naomi Pereira

    A triumphant sexual trauma survivor who transcended her abuse inflicted throughout childhood & as an adult. Naomi transformed her trauma into serving women as a sexual trauma recovery coach. With 15 years of experience as an educator & the past decade devoted to energy medicine, yoga, breathwork & Tantra, Naomi is a powerful force of spiritual guidance, especially for women who are dealing with the aftermath of sexual violence & trauma.


    Thanks to the atmosphere of love and trust which Naomi created during the "Moving Beyond Shame" workshop, I was able to make a huge step towards freedom: I made a beautiful altar of flowers for my yoni and then exposed it fully to other sisters. All the emotions that appeared during the event were welcome, all the pain connected to the shame could show itself and be honoured by other women. After years of body shaming and neglecting my own sexuality, this event was a symbolic ritual that showed me that there really is nothing to be ashamed of, because it's just another body part, which is actually tremendously powerful - it can give us pleasure and be home to a new life. I highly recommend working with Naomi, she is an amazing person radiating with beautiful energy! Justyna Ferrenc

    Naomi inspires with her beautiful energy and invites us to connect to our bodies in such a wonderful way. She does so much to help people like me. Personally, it has always been difficult for me to enjoy my body as I would have liked. After the "Moving Beyond Shame" series of workshops, I felt more connected to my body; I could listen to her, have a better relationship with her and experience pleasure. It caused a breakthrough that rippled into my life as positive change with benefits that I hadn't experienced in a very long time. Her energy is so contagious, she is an amazing person who shares the best of herself with others by helping them. What she did for me was so beautiful, I'm fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her so closely! Niria Santos

    I've worked with Naomi for one year now and also participated in the "Moving Beyond Shame" Workshops. What makes her events special in my opinion, is the atmosphere of trust and love she creates. I always felt comfortable and safe with her and the rest of the group.There is space to check in with yourself, with how you feel and that makes it possible to experience emotions or see things that were going on inside of you for a long time, that went unnoticed before. Naomi has vast wisdom in her field and I learned and gathered many helpful tools from her that inspired me to boost my own personal development to a whole new level.She's a very inspiring person to me, full of energy and pure life.Lisa Muller