I’m here to invite you to explore the other side of trauma. As a springboard for evolution, it is highly potent. Healing your trauma can bring great expansion & freedom which is your birthright.


I guide women one-on-one to transcend trauma by facing the shadow with compassion & strength. Learn to stand in your power & exercise the choice that was taken away from you. Access the infinite capacity of the heart & the great love you have always innately known you were capable of. Activate your life force energy & discover your immense pleasure potential. I bring this transcendent energetic approach to international workshops & retreats on trauma release, shame, transformation & bliss. One can not only triumph, but thrive!


It’s been an epic journey.

One that I am grateful for because it has come with many gifts & revelations, but it hasn’t always been that way…

Having been sexually abused from the age of 8, I instinctively used competitive sport from the onset to cope. As an adult,I indulged in extremely high-risk behaviours & self-medication.

I found the healing path to myself.

In 2011, I was sexually assaulted again by my brother who has since passed on. It decimated me at first. Then…uncannily, it functioned as the catalyst that catapulted me into the work of healing myself. It was the beginning of a profound inner voyage.

It was ugly, messy and arduous to wade through & I could find no one who had done it before me. Slowly, direction materialized & I determinedly followed, down the rabbit hole I went, alone in the dark until a teacher appeared in India. She lit the way magnificently & dazzled me with possibility within the realm of energy,  through which I began to heal myself. This ancient, comprehensive science of energy that expands consciousness is known as Tantra.

I came to realize that trauma doesn’t define me, in fact when unearthed and brought to light it has the grand capacity to transform and refine the self.

Thence began the most passionate love affair with myself.

With this esoteric spiritual technology coursing through me, I intrinsically began to set things right. I learned to facilitate wildly successful, deeply healing family interventions. I invited my mother to join me in completely healing the mother wound. I aroused my once dormant, immense bliss potential. The recognition of my innate divinity became tangible, the wisdom from healing a sacred wound became experiential. Embracing great challenge or difficulty, accepting the good with the bad becomes conceivable when our means of perception is broader, this is enabled through energy work. I share this post-traumatic growth potential with those I work with, it is there for all who seek the other side of trauma & the transcendence it brings.

My professional background spans 15 years in the teaching field.

I am certified in these modalities.

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Tantra Yoga

  • Energy Healing

  • Breathwork

  • Trauma Release

  • Shamanic Arts

  • Fitness Nutrition

  • Personal Training

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