I’m here to invite you to explore the other side of trauma. A shadow exists because of the absence of light & the unconscious identification with the shadow is a typical trauma response. There is another dimension to trauma. As a springboard for evolution, it is highly potent. Healing your trauma can bring great expansion and freedom which is your birthright.


My purpose is to raise awareness of this potential to transform and help others navigate the path to healing & growth that exists for every single one of us who dares to say a big, royal NO to suffering. I guide women one-on-one to transcend trauma by facing the shadow with compassion and strength. Learn to stand in your power and exercise the choice that was taken away from you. Access the infinite capacity of the heart & the great love you have always innately known you were capable of. Activate your life force energy and discover the gifts you possess within. I bring this transcendent energetic approach to international workshops & retreats that I facilitate on trauma, shame, transformation & bliss. One can not only triumph but thrive!


It’s been an epic journey.

One that I am grateful for because it has also come with many gifts and revelations, but it hasn’t always been that way…

Having been sexually abused from the age of 8, I instinctively used competitive sport from the onset to cope.I knew the answer lied within my body. As an adult,I indulged in extremely high-risk behaviours & self-medication.In the absence of a means to heal myself,I used copious exercise & dance to express the discomfort inside.

I found the healing path to myself.

In 2011, I was deported to my home country. Adrift & at my weakest, it was then that I was sexually assaulted again by my brother who has since passed on. I lost my mind. I survived this episode only through help from therapy, meditation, life-changing books, shamanic martial arts, and family. Life wasn’t done with me yet. Shortly after the last sexual assault I became very ill. I had developed a large thyroid tumor & learned I had endometriosis. The illness forced me to take action, to take control and face my mortality. It was the beginning of a deep inner voyage.

I came to realize that trauma doesn’t define me, in fact when unearthed and brought to light it has the grand capacity to transform and refine the self.

Diving profoundly into the work of healing myself through deep meditation, I began to have powerful insights coupled with energetic experiences. This led me to India in search of answers. I became a Hatha yoga teacher there & continued to seek a holistic practice that could match the intensity of my aspiration to evolve & heal every facet of myself completely. Once my intention became crystallized, Tantra yoga found me.

Thence began the most passionate love affair with myself.

In Tantra everything is sacred, even that which is hideous is embraced with devotion to allow for transformation to occur. With this esoteric spiritual technology coursing through me, I learned to conduct wildly successful family interventions, completely heal the mother wound & awaken my once dormant, immense bliss potential. This vibrant, mystical science led me to the divine feminine that embraced me unequivocally and realigned my path to serve this compelling cause. I have the deepest gratitude for my beloved teachers, their guidance and support intensified my connection with the divine feminine & allowed for the transcendence of my trauma to become a reality.

My professional background spans 15 years in the teaching field, from an academic environment to exercise science, every step leading me to what I do today.

My approach is cross-disciplinary. I hold certifications and initiations in the listed modalities.

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Tantra Yoga

  • Pranic Healing

  • Breathwork

  • Trauma Release

  • Shamanic Arts

  • Personal Training

  • Fitness Nutrition

  • Group Exercise Instruction

  • Teaching

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Are you ready to transcend trauma?

If you are ready to take that leap into freedom, I am here to accompany you to the threshold.