1. a wound, a hurt; a defeat.
  2. the sense of a “psychic wound”, an unpleasant experience which causes abnormal stress.

Trauma doesn’t have to be the end of us. Even though we may feel trapped especially when we have no outlet or means to process & express the discomfort inside.

When trauma is not acknowledged, it festers into an insidious beast. Have you ever asked yourself why you self-sabotage? It’s hard to discern when you don’t have the skills to observe how it functions.

Curiously, the first step is getting out of the mind and into the body…

Transcending Resources

The powerful practices below are transformational and can get you started today!

Nervous System Reset

Audio Meditation

Awaken your inner radiance and energy body with this blissfull guided meditation.

Movement Medicine

Embodiment Demo

Gyrate & express yourself freely with this active meditation that is a trauma release method.

Release Anger

Energy Work Demo

Release the binds that keep you angry & tense with this potent practice.

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