Definition of Trauma: “A wound, a hurt; a defeat, the sense of a “psychic wound, an unpleasant experience which causes abnormal stress”

Trauma doesn’t have to be the end of us.
Even though we may feel trapped especially when we have no outlet or means to process & express the discomfort inside.

When trauma is not acknowledged, it festers into an insidious beast.
Have you ever asked yourself why you self-sabotage? It’s hard to discern when you don’t have the skills to observe how it functions.

Curiously, the first step is getting out of the mind and into the body.




The powerful practices below are transformational and can get you started today!
Your mindbody knows how to heal itself, with the right tools you can come to feel it too.

Relax And Calm The Nervous System

Yoga Nidra translates into ‘Yogic Sleep’ in Sanskrit, it is an incredible practice that can support your healing process by creating the conditions for deep, restorative rest and it aids sleep. Listen nightly before sleep. Kamini Desai, an authority on Yoga has graciously offered the work of Amrit Yoga Institute to us here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Revitalize And Invigorate With Breathwork

Our state of mind is reflected in how we breathe. Most people breathe shallowly, thus depriving the mindbody of the very thing that sustains life, which results in less than desirable states. Breathing consciously can modulate our state of mind and do so much more. I have a daily conscious breathing practice that expands my world and is pure magic! It is my precious pleasure to share a free breathwork webinar, thanks to Anthony Abagnano from Alchemy of Breath who offers it so generously every week. Do try it and see for yourself!

Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping

These energy-based techniques that are coupled with voiced positive affirmations are great for specific issues. I have seen them work on myself, they may reduce the emotional charge behind certain memories and create a calmer baseline emotional response. From an energetic standpoint, these techniques work on our meridians and are another subtle and valuable way to reprogram the mindbody for health.

Movement Medicine

Gyrate, explode, dance, celebrate and express yourself freely with these Osho active meditations that will blow you away & take you to places within yourself you have never seen before. In my darkest hour, I lean on these meditations. Read the instructions (get the idea but don’t take them too seriously, it’s a celebration after all )

Let the music move you!


This is a major step, it can seem like the hardest thing in the world. I know...I've been there.

That’s why I’ve created a facebook group just for people who have suffered trauma and are finding the courage to heal. My hope is that anyone, anywhere in dire need can have access to support. You are not alone. We are a community that motivates, inspires and empowers each other. Join us for vibrant discussions and tips on working with our specific background and most importantly to share the LOVE. We are STRONGER together!
I advocate for mental healthcare, this is a significant step towards healing. If you are unsure about where to start and would like support in this matter, please reach out to me within the group.