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My life’s work has been studying, understanding & transcending trauma. My repertoire includes well over a decade of teaching, coaching & deep exploration in exercise science, the study and implementation of behaviour change, martial arts, meditation, Hatha & Tantra yoga as well as energy healing

Are you ready to Transcend Trauma?

Here are some benefits of working with me

  • Acknowledge the trauma you experienced.
  • Heal the wounds related to trauma.
  • Shed light on compulsions & understand your physical, physiological & energetic nature.
  • Begin a trauma-informed self-regulating, self-care practice that includes accountability.
  • Learn to navigate your healing process with family & friends.
  • Recognize patterns in behaviour & establish healthy boundaries.
  • Make peace with your sexual nature & explore your creative energy.
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Change your breath, change your life!

I am a certified Breathwork facilitator with BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System. I am also certified in advanced yogic and Tantric Breathwork. Breathwork changed my life. It is the single most effective tool that I know of. It can immediately change outcomes, it is powerful & can bring immense bliss. It is medicine.

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I offer a variety of breathwork sessions online. Get in touch with me below to discover how the breath can support you on your journey.

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